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Bringing Hot Bajan Summers to a neighborhood near you!

Bajan inspired cocktails and events

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When one thinks of Barbados, two things come to mind. One, that Barbados is home to the oldest distillery in the world and the other is the rich and vibrant Barbadian culture. In fact, it is often difficult to separate the rich culture of Barbados from that of the long history of rum plantations and its influence in the economic development of the country.

Rum Shop T.O. intends to highlight the culture of Barbados and bring it to the forefront of Torontonians by celebrating Bajan people, the gifts they offer to the world and highlighting Barbados as the ultimate vacation destination.

A trip to Barbados right in the heart of Toronto. Rum Shop T.O. is a recreation of the numerous rum shops sprinkled all over the island of Barbados. It will feature Bajan cuisine and drinks, unique island décor, dominoes, Karaoke and Caribbean musical artists.

Image by Tom Jur

A tasting selection of the best liquid gold Barbados has to offer.

Bajan Rum
Tasting Experience

Rum Cocktail Collection

Rum Punch T.O.

Barbados Fire

Sorrel Daiquiri

Carnival Sour


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